Workers’ Compensation in California

After you’ve been injured at work, you are probably feeling intense emotions. You may feel angry because you are unable to pay for your medical bills, frustrated at the fact that you won’t be able to work while you heal, or overwhelmed at the idea of hiring a workers’ compensation attorney. Before you make the decision to hire an attorney, you should know if they are educated on the California laws for workers’ compensation. The attorneys at the Pratt Williams, A Professional Law Corporation in Long Beach have the insight and experience you need to increase your chances of receiving a favorable outcome.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance in California

In California, companies must be able to provide workers’ compensation benefits to their employees by purchasing insurance, regardless of how large or small the company is. In the event that you are hurt or become sick because of your work environment, the insurance company should pay for your medical care, your wages while you are unable to work, and possibly compensation for pain and suffering. Regardless of if you had a slip-and-fall or falling objects injury, check to make sure your bills will be covered.

If Your Employer Doesn’t Have Insurance

After you’ve been hurt at work, nothing can make matters worse other than finding out your employer doesn’t have the correct workers’ compensation insurance and can’t pay for your medical bills. Luckily, California’s Uninsured Employer’s Benefit Trust Fund, also known as UEBTF, will step in to relieve you of financial obligations. The UEBTF will then attempt to recover that money from your employer. Reach out to personal injury attorneys in Long Beach if you are being told to pay for your work injury out of pocket. Pratt Williams, A Professional Law Corporation serves all of Southern California and can assess your situation and pursue reimbursement on your behalf.

Common Causes for Workers’ Compensation in California

Nearly all work injuries are eligible for insurance benefits on behalf of the employer. Some are physical, like machine entanglements or getting hit by a vehicle while working road construction, though not all physical injuries have to result from a single incident like toxic exposure or repetitive motion injuries. On the other hand, you may be entitled to compensation for psychiatric harm if your mental health has been negatively impacted by your job. 

Overall, your injury could have a short-term impact where you are out of a job for a few weeks, or it could have long-lasting effects that can prevent you from working for the rest of your life. For more information, see our post about temporary vs. permanent disability benefits in California.

FAQs for California Workers’ Compensation

Q: How much money can I expect to be compensated with?

A: Between 2016 and 2017 according to the National Safety Council, the average total payout was just over $40,000, but each case is extremely unique. Contact a personal injury attorney today if you would like a more customized estimation for your entitlement.

Q: How long do I have to report my workers’ compensation claim?

A: You must report your injury within 30 days of the incident or you may lose your right to receive any monetary benefits.

Q: Why was my insurance claim denied?

A: Your claim may be deemed unactionable for one or more of the following reasons:

  • There wasn’t enough evidence to prove your injury
  • You weren’t hurt on the job
  • Your injury occurred at the time of another employer
  • Your injury wasn’t severe enough for medical attention and/or you didn’t have to take time off of work to recover

Q: How Can I Increase My Chances of Receiving Compensation?

A: No matter the cause or severity of your injury, working with an experienced workers’ compensation attorney can rarely hinder your case and could even result in a bigger payout to you for this inconvenience.

Passionate and Aggressive Advocacy for Those Injured On the Job

If you live in Los Angeles, Riverside, or Ventura County and want a greater chance at receiving reimbursement for pain and suffering, contact the Pratt Williams, A Professional Law Corporation today. Their Long Beach practice solely focuses on personal injury and workers’ compensation and has a combined experience of more than 60 years fighting for the rights of the injured. Reach out today to schedule a consultation.

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