Workplace Injuries & Illnesses

Many people rely on workers’ compensation to provide coverage when they suffer an injury in the workplace. However, what happens in the case of non-traditional workplace injuries or illnesses? What other types of health problems can result from the work environment? Are these conditions also eligible for coverage? The team of experienced workers’ compensation attorneys at the Pratt Williams, A Professional Law Corporation in Long Beach, California, have the answers.

Workplace Injuries & Illnesses in CA

In the previous blog post, the subject of on-the-job injuries was discussed. Here in this article, more detail will be provided about non-traditional injuries and illnesses that can result from your job and whether they fall under the same coverage of workers’ compensation. Here in the state of California, guidelines for workers’ compensation claims are clearly defined. There can be some confusion, however, when it comes to whether a non-traditional workplace injury or illness can be considered eligible for workers’ compensation benefits.

The fact is, even if you didn’t suffer a sudden physical injury due to a workplace accident or a slip & fall incident at your job site, you may still have grounds to file a workers’ compensation claim.

Examples of Non-Traditional Cases

Many people would easily classify a back injury from lifting a heavy object or a broken wrist suffered when slipping on the wet floor of a manufacturing plant as “workplace injuries” and eligible for workers’ compensation, but there are also other ways you can potentially suffer harm at your job — some of which may take a long time to develop. Here are some examples of potential “non-traditional” workplace injuries or illnesses:

  • Repetitive Motion Injuries — Cumulative ailments such as carpal tunnel syndrome from frequent typing or tendon & ligament injuries from repeated motions.
  • Psychiatric Injuries — Post-traumatic stress disorder or mental & emotional damage suffered due to a violent workplace incident or hostile/unsafe working conditions.
  • Chronic Illnesses — Mesothelioma and other physical diseases can result from workplace exposure to asbestos or other toxic substances.

Though these physical and mental issues do not result from a common workplace accident, they are no less real and are eligible to be claimed for workers’ compensation. If you have been diagnosed with a health condition that you believe is a result of your job, you have the right to seek compensation to provide coverage for your expenses. Securing the services of experienced workers’ compensation attorneys is your best course of action.

How Experienced Attorneys Can Help

When you are dealing with the effects of a physical injury or condition that you suffered at your job, you find yourself not only with physical ailments but also mental frustration and emotional stress from dealing with your employer, insurance companies, and overall uncertainty of how you will make ends meet financially. You can give yourself a valuable ally by receiving professional legal counsel, with no up-front cost to you.

According to a 2015 study, 72% of injured workers in California hired an attorney to represent them in their workers’ compensation case. A skilled attorney will take the legal burden off of your shoulders and allow you to focus on recovery while they handle your claim. When it comes to seeking help for your workers’ compensation matters in Southern California, you can turn to the proven team of attorneys at the Pratt Williams, A Professional Law Corporation.

Workers’ Compensation Attorneys in Southern California

If you are suffering due to a physical condition that has resulted from your job, you should not stay silent. You have the right to file a claim and pursue financial compensation for your injury or illness. When you are faced with decisions to make on what to do next, you can turn to the trusted legal professionals at the Pratt Williams, A Professional Law Corporation for reliable direction and sound guidance. Having knowledgeable workers’ compensation attorneys at work on your case will allow you to pursue your claim with confidence and seek the compensation you are entitled to, cover for your lost wages, and give you peace of mind as you continue to recover.

Call the Pratt Williams, A Professional Law Corporation in Long Beach, California, today to schedule a free consultation.

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