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With more than 60 years of combined experience, our lawyers have seen just about every kind of workplace injury case you can imagine. Whether your injuries stem from an at-work slip and fall, falling object, machine malfunction, repetitive motion, toxic environment, or even excessive stress, we're here to help.

Based in Long Beach but also serving the surrounding counties, we're happy to accommodate clients from all walks of life. For instance, if you prefer to communicate in Spanish, any of our three Spanish-speaking employees are readily available to discuss your case. In addition, we offer free initial consultations to all workers' compensation clients.

Do You Need a Workers' Compensation Attorney?

Workers' compensation law is complicated in California. You will need an experienced attorney to guide you through it.

If you allow it, the insurance company will pay you as little as possible for your workplace accident. That's why it's crucial to put an experienced lawyer on your side as soon as possible. Contact our law firm today so that we can help you navigate your case and effectively negotiate the financial details with the insurance company.

Possible Workers' Compensation Benefits

Temporary Disability Benefits

If your injury is expected to keep you out of work on a short-term basis, you may be eligible for temporary disability benefits. This means you can receive 2/3 of your average weekly earnings while you are unable to work.

Permanent Disability Benefits

For more serious injuries, you may be entitled to permanent disability benefits, which you could receive in monthly payments or as one larger lump sum. We can help you decide which option is right for you.

Vocational Rehab

If you can no longer perform the job you were doing but can still work, you could be compensated for vocational rehab. In the event that you win this type of compensation, it would pay for any extra education or training you might be interested in pursuing.

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Fast Facts about Workers' Compensation

Workers' Comp Insurance Is Required in California

All California businesses are legally required to carry workers' compensation insurance. If they don’t, you can still get paid for a workplace injury. You will simply have to pursue it through a lawsuit as opposed to a formal workers' compensation claim.

Suing vs. Receiving Workers' Compensation

Assuming your employer carries workers' compensation insurance like they're supposed to, you cannot file a workers' comp claim and file a lawsuit. In almost all cases, filing a workers' compensation claim is the correct course of action.

Compensation Correlates to Average Weekly Pay

In California, the amount of compensation you receive for a workplace injury is determined by your weekly pay. Generally, the court is going to calculate what you're owed by averaging out your weekly pay from the previous year. 

Let’s work together so that you can move forward

Fighting for workers' compensation can make you feel like you're stuck in place, especially while you're trying to heal. Let us handle the details of your case so you can focus on your recovery. We operate in Long Beach but are available to injured workers throughout Orange County and all of California. Reach out today to set up your free, informative consultation and get the help you need.