Hi, Colleen Pratt here. So you received your notice of your panel qualified medical evaluation and you're not sure whether there's anything you need to do to prepare. The best advice I can give you when preparing for these appointments is be prepared to tell the truth. There's nothing you have to hide. Talk to the doctor about your symptoms. Be open and honest. Talk to the doctor about what happened to you at work, what your job duties are, how you believe your job duties are related to your current pain and symptoms or if something specific happened at work. Let the doctor know exactly what happened and how you're feeling as a result of it.

You don't have to bring any specific documentation to the appointment unless the doctor's office has contacted you beforehand to bring x-rays or MRIs or anything that may be in your possession that will assist the doctor with the evaluation. The doctor should have your medical records by the time of your appointment, but sometimes there are unforeseen delays and the doctor doesn't have all of your medical records or reports. But rest assured the doctor will be sent the records prior to issuing the report, and if the doctor doesn't have all the reports at the time he or she writes the report then the doctor can always write a supplemental report incorporating a review of all of your medical records.

Also make sure to tell the doctor about any pain or problems you're having associated with your regular activities or what we call "activities of daily living" if you're restricted in some way of just doing your daily routine. Let the doctor know that that's very important.

So good luck with your upcoming appointment. Just remember to tell the truth and show up on time and we should receive the report within 35 to 40 days of your appointment.