Operating machines at work can be very dangerous. In fact, thousands of workers suffer serious or even fatal workplace injuries each year due to machine entanglements. These injuries can result not only in physical pain, but also the inability to work, lost wages, and unpayable medical bills. Seeking compensation for your injuries can help you offset the physical and financial challenges you are facing in the aftermath of your workplace accident. If you have been injured due to a machine entanglement, call Pratt Williams, A Professional Law Corporation in Long Beach, California today.

California Machine Entanglement Accidents

According to a five-year study by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 34,000 people suffered injuries in the workplace while operating machines, many of which were fatal. While workers often understand the risks of operating workplace machinery, no one should have to suffer physically and financially from a machine entanglement injury that could have been prevented. Common causes of these accidents and injuries are:

  • Pinch points — Including pulleys, gears, and doors
  • Pull-in points — Including conveyors belts or harvesting equipment
  • Wrap points — Including spinning components like motors and wheels
  • Cut points — Including machinery containing sharp moving parts

Becoming entangled in such machinery can lead to catastrophic, life-altering injuries including severe lacerations, amputations of limbs, and head injuries. In many cases, these injuries are serious enough to lead to fatalities. When you have suffered a serious personal injury due to machine entanglement, you can and should file a claim to seek compensation.

It is impossible to completely eliminate workplace injuries, and accidents will happen.

Tips to Avoid Serious Injury

If your occupation requires you to operate, inspect, maintain, or work near dangerous machinery, there are things you can do to avoid serious injury due to machine entanglements. These simple tips include:

  • Never attempt to clean or perform maintenance on a machine while it is running
  • If you have long hair, wear it pulled back to avoid getting caught in the machine
  • Do not wear jewelry. Rings, necklaces, and earrings present a risk of being caught in machinery
  • Avoid loose clothing. Many machine entanglement incidents result from snagged clothing
  • Follow workplace safety procedures regarding turning machines off when they are not in use
  • Wear the appropriate safety gear provided by your employer

It is impossible to completely eliminate workplace injuries, and accidents will happen. If you have been injured at work due to a machine entanglement, or if you feel that your employer failed to sufficiently train or inform you regarding the operation of dangerous equipment, you should consult with knowledgeable machine entanglement attorneys to determine the best course of action.

Why You Need a Lawyer

Following a workplace injury, it’s the job of your employer’s insurance company to offer the lowest amount of compensation they can. You need to have an ally on your side who will fight hard on your behalf. Don’t go it alone against the insurance companies. Working for fair compensation on your behalf is our priority. So put our years of experience and knowledge on your side. While we are fighting to protect your rights, you can focus on recovering physically and getting your health back.

Long Beach, CA Machine Entanglements Attorneys

Have you suffered a workplace injury due to machine entanglement? Have these injuries caused you to miss work? You have a right to pursue financial compensation to help you pay your medical bills, make up for lost wages, and ease your physical and financial pain. Stand up and fight for fair compensation with a team of accomplished attorneys on your side to fight for you. Call Pratt Williams, A Professional Law Corporation in Long Beach, California today to schedule your free consultation.